Wednesday, June 2, 2010


The pre-requisite to learn FOREX is common sense, basic computer and internet knowledge, and hi speed internet availability ! . High school students, and business graduates can learn quicker and financial and marketing professionals are most welcome too. There is nothing as simple as trading online, which not only saves your time, but gives you the power of using your money, the way YOU want to.

There is risk involved, like in any other business. The market is not as speculative as a stock market as we have technical support systems, called RSI (platforms) to analyze and forecast the market trends; bearish or bullish, and ability to comprehend the news and information from the reuters and media channels.

Those who wish to only make money from FX markets, are at large, have more chances of loosing their investments. Those, who are patient, and want to learn first, then trade, have more chances of winning this fight. I say fight because, like a rocket, this passion can take you beyond the sky, and like cancer, it can spread and make you die.

However, do not be afraid. It is not a roller coaster ride, or cancer. It is a very exciting “ART”, for the ‘dare devils’ to test their financial , emotional, and personal planning skills. With my 4 years of experience as a forex trader, I dealt with the most difficult situations, when I had to cut loss (bear or book my loss), and leave home with nothing. On the other hand, it was very exciting, to make $900 within 9 minutes of buying the ‘YEN’, which we traders call the; wild white elephant.

Volatility is the main feature of FOREX markets , however, only a stable and a sensible trader (which you would become if YOU learn the trade yourself, instead of hiring a broker, who may make a wrong financial decision) can make more profits.

To join me, and learn more, and develop your money making skills, drop me an email and a short background about yourself, to start this journey of rough waves and happy shopping times!
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