Wednesday, November 11, 2009

EUR on the forex market

For example, say that you used to use the dollars to take a long position in EUR on the forex market, but you are worried that the price of the euro falls against the dollar. One thing you could do is take out a futures contract on dollars using euros. As the external factors affecting the prices of currencies, the price of futures contracts up and down as well, allowing your euros to dollars to offset your long position in euros. If the euro weakens, the price of futures contract rises, and vice versa. Thus, you have therefore eliminated the risk of your investment money.

Another form of hedging in the forex market is regularly practiced by companies that share internationally with many customers in Europe. A weak euro would cost some money in the long run because the original prices quoted in euros does not result in as many dollars. By taking a long position in dollars using euros, the company would just as much money on the forex they lost to fall on the value of the euro. Similarly, if it would lose money on the forex market due to a fall in value of the dollar, the company would offset the increased profits due to the higher value of the euro on the sale of its products.Hedging is a powerful tool that serves those who take the time to use them

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