Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Montessori Philosophy

Montessori is an empirical discipline aiming to study and to help the development of the human individual from birth to maturity within the context of his life-situation. It is an educational method insofar as education is an integrative part of the formative process.

Dr. Maria Montessori, in discovering the role of the Child in the formation of Man, became its helper and its advocate. She thus generated a movement in which those involved in human sciences and their applications can find a coordinating factor in the resulting vision of man. Its impact within this broad and complex field has been considerable throughout the ongoing century.

The most tangible manifestations, however, are to be found in the educational field at large; from preparation for parenthood, childbirth and infant-care at home and in institutions, at centers concerned with the learning process in children from birth to three years, three to six, six to twelve and beyond with both normal and handicapped children.

Montessori should concern all who are genuinely interested in children and in man's future.

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